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I just saw a new ad tonight for Allstate insurance where the narrator was explaining how enough new customers came aboard in the last year to stretch from the gulf of mexico to the grand canyon.

Anyway, the commercial has a light ballad in the background that sounds sort of Donovan-ish. The narrator's voice is amplified over the song, so unfortunately it isn't that clear who it might be on the song.

I realize my description is awfully vague, but I'd appreciate it in advance if you keep your eyes (and ears) open for it. Cool commercial and a song destined one day for incessant listening!
Do you by any chance remember the lyrics? Or where there any lyrics?
There were lyrics, but unfortunately I don't remember any of them. It was on ESPN an hour or so ago, but I haven't seen it since. Oh well, it's Big Monday so I'm sure I'll see it again between now and 2am!
I saw a commercial for Allstate a new nights ago that I'd never seen before. It features, once again, the guy who played President Palmer on 24. He was outside, standing with people lined up for miles, in a hilly, rural setting. The music had lyrics to the effect of "Let's join hands" and "People come together". I've done a little digging, but have found nothing. Any help?

Ah, I remember seeing that commercial and I actually knew what the song was and thought to myself that I should remember that in case anyone posts it. Shows you just how good my memory is cause I already forgot. But I can tell you that it is a remake of an older song. I'll work on that and see if I can't find out and let you know. :)
at the very end of the commercial, the lyrics reprise(i think) to this exact phrase "lets join hands now come along" i swear i've heard this tune somewhere..i'm thinking the 'lets join hands' part could have been added in specially for the commercial..but that jingle is DEFINATELY taken from a song. :unsure:
I think you're right about the lyrics, Robot. I saw the commercial again on Friday. But I can't find anything online about it. This is driving me CRAZY!

A recent Allstate commercial, regarding the stretching of people across the united states or something. But the commercial isn't important...

the song is a really nice mellow-ish guitar + voices, with the background voices doing more of a "doo do doo", discernable lyrics are as follows:

"let's join hands now come along, to a place we all belong... people, let's get together"

Can't find it ANYWHERE
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Let's Get Together (In our Minds) by Gorky's Zygotic Mynci. Gorky is a band of 5, sometimes known as Gorky 5. that might be it, still concluding
Okay, I just sent Allstate an email so hopefully they will respond and help us end this dilema cause I am dying to know what this song is. I will keep you all updated with any information that I hear back. (I am a customer of theirs so hopefully that may help. :p :lol: )
Did some snooping around for this song myself and haven't had any luck whatsoever. Even tried searching for the lyrics, which usually yields results, but still no luck. Any word back from from Allstate with the song / band name?
Not yet. :( But they did send one response just saying that they forwarded to the proper department. (Hopefully not the recycle bin. :lol: ) If I don't hear back in like a week I'll bug 'em again. :)
This is probably the first or second time I've come across a song that I couldn't find at all. But the other song didn't have lyrics...with this one rumored to be remake, and for it to have lyrics, and still not be able to find a thing...that's just weird. :blink: