Chevy - "Same DNA" Commercial


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Alright, here's another vague description, but i have faith in you guys.

New chevy tv commercial that starts with a red corvette, but the skin blows off that into another chevy car, which then splits into two different chevy cars. They're all driving around in a city or otherwise. The music builds up with a guitar riff and drums, then the singer comes in with something like "Hey sister can you feel my soul run free....". Near the end of the commercial theres a blue chevy driving on a beach near a pier in the water. A lyric near the end goes something like "You search for all the answers....". The commercial ends with the narrator saying something about chevy cars having the same DNA.

I viewed it in Canada on CBC during Olympic coverage, just looking for the song.
Thanks a lot. I have heard that commercial a fair amount now watching the olympics too and I decided to try to find who it was. Reminds me of interpol a bit in the guitar work. Anyways, thanks for putting it up here, I just signed up for this site to find this. Heh.
Thanks a lot! I made a post in another chevy topic about this song, glad you found it.