Allstate "Teen"


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Anyone recognize the song used inthe Allstate Insurance ad "teen" which calls for parents and teenagers agreeing regarding teenage driving habits? It features a long line of cars with teenagers in them driving single file down a mountain...the message is hundreds of teenagers die each year driving or riding in cars.
It will be rather difficult since they have no lyrics, but I will help you find it. I'll edit this post when I get a lead.
The song is by Jason Wade, the lead vocalist of Lifehouse and it's called "From Where You Are".
All State

In the all state commercial about teenagers driving there is a piano arrangement playing i was wondering if anybody knew what song this is?
it talks about teenager and how a couple thousand of them don't come back from driving? does anyone know the song played?
Allstate teen driving

I am trying to find out the song playing in the background during the Allstate Teen driving commercial. It kinda sounded like lifehouse but not sure. The commerical is pretty somber and talks about so many teens losing their lives in accidents.

Any help would be so appreciated.