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    Allstate Mayhem "March Madness"

    Does anyone know the song playing at the beginning of these 2 Allstate commercials?
  2. B

    Allstate Mayhem "On Hold"

    Any ideas on the song from this commercial?
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    Allstate "Mayhem"

    Can anyone tell me the name of the music playing in the background of the new ALlstate commercials with "Mayhem" in them? It sounds like music from an old detective show in the 70's but I can't place it. It's also in the Men's Wearhouse commercial where the guy goes into the stakeout van. Help?
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    Allstate motorcycle insurance

    What the instrumental tune in the Allstate commercial which features motorcycle accidents? It sounds like a southern bluegrass tune. May be made just for this?
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    Allstate "Teen"

    Anyone recognize the song used inthe Allstate Insurance ad "teen" which calls for parents and teenagers agreeing regarding teenage driving habits? It features a long line of cars with teenagers in them driving single file down a mountain...the message is hundreds of teenagers die each year...