Allstate "Mayhem"


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Can anyone tell me the name of the music playing in the background of the new ALlstate commercials with "Mayhem" in them? It sounds like music from an old detective show in the 70's but I can't place it. It's also in the Men's Wearhouse commercial where the guy goes into the stakeout van.

Yep, that's one of the commercials. I'd like to know if anyone can tell me where that music that starts at arond 8 seconds is from? I thought it was from an old 70's show (like Dragnet, etc.)? It's the drums and the horns playing that caught my ear. :cool:
Could it be "Experiment in Terror?" From the TV series "Peter Gunn?" Henry Mancini?
It sounds VERY close to that, but it's missing the horns towards the end of the commercial. BTW, thanks for reminding me of Mancini. He had some killer music!
OK... How about "Spook!" by Henry Mancini on the original remastered album, The Music from Peter Gunn... ?
Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's from Peter Gunn, Henry Mancini. Could either be "Spook" or "Fallout!" If you go to amazon and search for Peter Gunn themes or TV series you can listen to a sample of those tunes.
I am convinced that the music from the Allstate 'Mayhem' radio commercials is Barry Adamson. He has done some music for David Lynch films; think Lost Highway...
Barry Adamson is absolutely fantastic. You'd love him.
Does anybody know who that actor is? He really looks familiar, but just can't place the show... I love Mancini. I play my 'best of' cd all the time. :)
Has anyone heard the "Mayhem" radio spot. I heard it briefly one time. It was a pigeon ad. I would love to hear it again.