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Alias season 4

I know it may be a little earlier. I was watching Alias. At the part that Vaughn and Sydney are making out on the bed after they back from the Belarus job U2 is playing in the background. I can only assume it's off the new Album but it sounds like something off Joshua Tree. If anyone knows please let me know.
think there was a song by Sarah Mclachlan in the show as well ... any idea?
Ha, and thirdly what was the Cat Stevens song playing at the end? (near positive it was Cat Stevens).
Alias season 4

What's the name of the song that plays a little bit before the car blows up, whe the two guys are in that van?
Alias season 4

Once again Wenesday Alias has come and gone, I was hoping someone could tell me the name of the song played when Sydney and Marshall are walking into the bank ?

Also if anyone knows of a website that has an alias soundtrack so I don't have to post every Wenesday.

I'm looking to you Leone you helped out wonderfully last week.
Alias "The Awful Truth" season 4

Ok This Is For The True Hard Cores......Wannabees Need Not Apply!

So I Think I Heard Alias Use Driveshaft's You All Everybody...........

In The Scene Where She Was Having A House Party And She Was Like Thanks For Comming Come On In......

Then I Went To The Alias Episode Music Guide And I Found This....

Artist: Jude
Song: "You All ... Everybody"
Label: Hollywood Records

Then I Went To Amazon And It Said Jude Doesnt Have A Song Called You All Everybody......

So Yeah I Know It Totaly Could Be Driveshaft Because Of The JJ Connection....

Or Did Jude Perform The Drive Shaft Songs?

And If Your Totaly LOST In My Jibberish......J.J. Is The Executive Producer Of Both Lost And Alias.....Charlie AKA Dominic Monaghan Has A Band In LOST Called Driveshaft...And They Broke Out With The Song You All Everybody.....

So Yeah Im Just Crazy And Was Wondering If Anyone Else Caught The Connection

I'm fairly certain that Francine is dead unless she survived being shot several times by Syd. Also, Vaughn killed Lauren. How is she coming back? :unsure: Maybe a flashback?

Ok Here We GO!


Apparently Lauren Has Been Chriogenicaly Frozen Or Somehow Frozen Ive Heard Very Very Cold But She Is Scheduled To Come Back Apparently Maybee Only In Ice Cube Form. And As For Francie I Thought Somehow She Could Heal Herself And Was Seudo Invincible I Rember An Episode Where The Looked For The Body And Were Like She Is Gone And Then Were Like Blah Balh Rambaldi Can Heal Fast Bla Bal Invincible....I Dont Realy Rember...And Will Is He Dead?

Yes Will is alive. After the fire at Syd's apartment (at the end of season 2) Will went into the witness protection program. So he is somewhere in Wisconsin. Also, I made a mistake, Francine/Allison survived the fight with Sydney at the end of season 2 but was killed by Will in season 3.

By the way, Love the avatar! The other day I was thinking of changing it to the same one :)
Sorry, I still haven't been able to see it :( but I did find this (from TV

Question: Could you please, pretty please tell me if Sark will be making an appearance on Alias? — Caroline L.

Ausiello: According to the new issue of TV Guide (featuring Ms. Garner on the cover), Sark (David Anders) is returning for an upcoming two-part episode that also features the reappearance of Anna Espinosa (Gina Torres).
Alias season 4

The song that was playing at the end of the ep when Sloane was talking to Syd, it was a man's voice, soft and repeated Freedom...? TIA
Alias "Detente" season 4

Great tune being played while Sydney and her sister go to the Russian's apartment with his girlfriend... Very cool

Any ideas?
I was wondering that myself. This episode aired 02/16/05. It was a rock tune (male singer) with the lyrics "Me and my brothers" and then toward the end "I'm coming home." It's not Ozzy Osbourne's "Momma I'm coming home"