Adidas Song "Whenever I wake up"

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Adidas Song "Whenever I wake up"

I saw this Adidas ad before the start of a movie last week. I don't remember the visuals at all because I was blown away by the song. I think the video was something to do with dreaming.

The song had a ghostly, thin-voiced female singer, very slow, little accompaniment. The main part of the chorus started out with "whenever i wake up". Google and are no help.
You mean the Burt Bacharach (Dionne Warwick) song? Possible, but I don't think that's it. I'm sure I would have recognized that if it hit the chorus. I checked at, and it doesn't look like anyone has recorded it recently.
I saw the ad. It was in the commercials before the movie Constantine. It begins with a guy in bed and then he starts walking up and down the walls. When he is outside he is running away from something and then he like he flips upside down and starts walking on a sidewalk thats in the sky. The ad ends with him walking down the wall into his bed again. I can't remember any of the lyrics.
Have you checked Adidas's site to see if the ad is posted online?
Yes, but all they have up is their print ads and two or three videos. I may try writing to them.
It's sung by KAREN O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Seems to have been created specifically for the ad.
Awesome work on the singer, too bad about the song. :(
I wrote to adidas about this same commercial several days ago. This is their response:

Hello Annie,

Thanks for taking the time to contact us. We appreciate your interest in our company.

The band behind the song on the adidas 1 commercial is the Yeah, Yeah, Yeah's.

Consumer Relations
adidas America
Hello. I just saw a new commercial when I was at the movies. I don't think it's on TV yet.

It's an african american man who gets out of bed and it's dark and he puts on his Nike shoes and there's a light in front of him. He runs around and jumps onto the ceiling and then ends up back in bed. It's actually a cool commercial.

Anyway, I liked the music from it. It was moody and quiet and had a Nick Drakey feel. I don't remember the lyrics.

Has anyone else seen the commerical and know more about the song?

Thanks in advance.
been searching for this ad for about a week! amazing song, amazing ad....
those links don't work for me. is anybody else having this problem?
You know the ad where the man puts on lipstick and the song "I say a little prayer" plays. I want to know what the ad is actually for (exactly)!!!
Its funny, I coulda SWORN that it was Kimya Dawson singing that ( well obviously I wasnt 100% sure or else I wouldnt be on these boards now would I?).

Oh well.
okay i went to see the ring 2 and before the movie they showed the movie they showed this addidas commercial where he puts on the shoes and as he walks they light up where he's walking and no he doesnt have light up shoes. but there was this cool song on the background very creepy and lurky but good.
i believe it was a one-off for the commercial - not an actual single.
hello :)
whats the song in the new addidas commercial where i think its a guy and hes walking through rooms out of his bed and it goes all upsidown and all over the room and stuff. its a girl singing. who is it? whats the song? please and thank you
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