Adidas "One"


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Adidas "One"

This will be a tough one, because I just found this site, and this commercial is from about two years ago.

And I don't recall the advertiser, but the ad showed 1-2 second clips of teams of every kind preparing for competition. I THINK it was a reebok ad, and the song was a REALLY good version of "One" originally by Three Dog Night.

This song is one of my favorite songs, and while the original version is good, the version in the commercial was edgier and more aggressive, and I think it was a female voice singing, but either way it was a very Strong voice, and the background instrumentals were enhanced and louder compared to the original.

The commercial was awesome, I've remembered it this long, and I'm sorry I don't remember what brand it was for, and I have looked hard for every version of this song, and I've come up with about 6 different versions but none are it.

Like I said I think it was Reebok, but it could have been Nike because they certainly do commercials like this, but it also could have been something like Gatorade? (sorry - I wish I knew more)

Thanks a TON for any ideas.
Well, I've been searching for this song again since my post. (I search for it about once ever 6 months, and I found this blog with somone talking about it from Nov, 2002, so I was right about the two month estimate, AND I've identified the BRAND...

Tuesday, November 05, 2002
was just watching the orlando vs. sacramento game.
my goodness mcgrady is the freaking man... don't get me wrong, i still hate him for leaving toronto... but still he is the complete package! who knew the "big sleep" would become so good?

you know that new adidas commercial with "one is the loneliest number" in the background ? i've got that stuck in my head, it's so good :)
Aimee Mann did a version of "One is the Loneliest Number" it's on the Magnolia soundtrack.
Yep I've heard both of those, neither of those Covers is it. The song is similar to the original by three dog night, but it is more intense but doesn't loose any of the musical aspects.

I think it is slightly faster, the instrumentals are more pronounced and a very strong female voice is singing.

Thanks for the effor though....
I've managed to track down the commercial. It's called 'One'.

The good news is you can view it online at adland.

The bad news is you need to make a donation of Euro 2 first!
Well 2 euros is about $2.50 American. Maybe its worth it if youve been looking for so long. And its for a months worth of viewing. :rolleyes:
Does anyone know the name of the song from an older Adidas commercial featuring Mike Miller and Tracy McGrady? I know the song is "one is the lonliest number" but the song is remixed or redone by someone else. Thanks.
Neither are it. A woman still sings the song "One is the lonliest number" but it is sorta remixed but not like a dance song or anything.
Found it

Aimee Mann-"One is the loneliest Number"

i would of found it before if you said a female sang it, but no problem enjoy. :D
hello everyone :)
I have been trying to find out who sings that song on the adidas commercial. It is a remake of (One Is The Loneliest Number). It sounds a little sad and depressing and a woman is singing it. The commercial was played in 2003. I have been to every single website imaginable, and still no results. I wish someone knew who sings it :) :huh:
There was an Addidas commercial that's about 2 years old that featured a cover of the song "One (Is The Loneliest Number)". I can't remember much specifically from the commercial except the generic someone dunking a basketball or something.

If I had known about this site back then I would have just asked you.

The cover had female vocals and was sorta Industrial Rock-ish/electronic but it was NOT Filter's cover and it was not Amiee Mann's cover either. I really liked the song and I'd like to check out more music by the artist.

I know it's a long shot, but this has been bugging me for a while now.

In the unlikely event someone knows what song this is, thanks in advance. If not, thanks anyways.
Old Adidas Commercial

Hello everyone,
There was an Adidas Basketball Commercial a few years ago where a woman was singing 'One is the Loneliest Number" in the background. Its is a remake by Three Dog Night, and I have been trying to find it for years. I tried Shazam and it will not show up there either!!! Thank you so much for all of your help. :)