1. AndroidE1

    Adidas Creators Never Follow James Harden

    View: Can someone tell me the name of the music in this trailer? I have been looking for it for ages. Thanks, Android E1
  2. P

    adidas Barricade 2015 Great Wall of China

    Ack! Someone please help! This song is driving me nuts and I can't find out what it is! Does anyone know? It is also used for the Lego Discovery Center Ninjago Training Laser Obstacle Course. Shazam failed me!
  3. M

    Adidas female athletes

    Anyone know what song is on that Adidas commercial with all of the female athletes? I have a feeling it might be MIA but not sure...
  4. A

    Adidas "Adidas Is All In"

    Adidas is now using the brand-new Justice track Civilization
  5. T

    Adidas "This is The Truth"

    hey everyone, i'm trying to find the song thats used in this commercial any ideas? thanks
  6. E

    Adidas Originals Adicolor "Royal"

    I cant find the ad anywhere and it is a great song. its kinda a rap/hip hop song. The add was talking about different color Adidas shoes. Saw it during the final of The Buried Life Any help would be cool Thanks
  7. S

    Adidas Originals Adicolor "Rasta"

    Adidas Originals Adicolor "Rasta" : ) Saw this commercial the other night on AS, the song is brilliant- I just don't know if it was tailored specifically for the commercial =( or was done by a group I've never heard of. Must have. ^_^ amg It'd kill me if this was made just for the commercial...
  8. O

    Adidas Originals "Mega Diner"

    ESPN Little League World Series ad for adidas shoes. Ad features ordering in a restaurant type setting. Kind of a pop hip hop tune with the word 'magic' in lyrics.
  9. L

    Adidas Originals "The Street Where Originality Lives"

    Does anybody know that Footlocker Adidas commercial with a bunch of people on a rooftop partying? It's hip hop, a female singer and sounds like it was recorded in vintage style. I believe Snoop Dogg is in the commercial as well..... I love it and can't seem to find any clues as to who it is...
  10. R

    Adidas Star Wars

    Starting at the :30 mark, there's a remix of the Imperial Theme and then we see Daft Punk. Is this a DP remix or a custom song for Addidas?
  11. M

    Adidas "The Game"

    Its part of the celebrate originality campaign, the song that plays at the end of the clip is awesome. Any insight as to artist or title? Thanks!
  12. J

    Adidas Kevin Garnett TS Commander

    Anybody know the music played here?
  13. jca

    Adidas "Celebrate Originality"

    Adidas house party with David Beckham, Kevin Garnett, Missy Elliott, and Mark Gonzales.
  14. B

    Adidas "Dream Big" Soccer

    Adidas "Dream Big" Soccer Does anybody know the name of the guitar tune being played in the background of the new Adidas Soccer commercial? It is an acoustic guitar and the ad features Adult players mentoring young kids. Thanks!
  15. A

    Adidas "Brotherhood"

    Adidas "Brotherhood" yet another basketball ad this one is from Adidas it plays like a short- where all the ball players bond, write on their sneakers, bunk and practice. The tittle is "Basketball is a Brotherhood" the tune is smiliar (in a way) to the blues track we can't find from the NFL ads.
  16. N

    Adidas 5IVE "Do You Believe in 5IVE?"

    Does anyone know the song in this Adidas 5ive basketball commercial... here it is
  17. B


    What's the song played in the ad when the soccer players are graffiting walls with balls covered in paint? I heard it on the radio last night but I'm not sure if it was a mix of two songs because it had words. Does anybody know what the song is? Cheers.
  18. T


    can anyone provide the name of this tune? the said tune was played with an old adidas ad in the 90's. the ad is the one where beckham is kicking balls through a hole. i always thought it was a clash song but i have not had any luck in finding it. thanks.
  19. F

    Adidas soccer

    Just saw a new adidas comercial during the champions league game, its got two kids who play a pick up game and they start picking players and they're all famous soccer players. But theres this awesome song that is played throughout. Anyone know what the song is?
  20. M

    Adidas "Take What You Want"

    Adidas "Take What You Want" In March of 1999, I saw an Adidas commercial which had the theme called "Take What You Want".. It featured an athletic runner, two women jogging by a cab, little kids with water guns, two fencers, a kid kicking a soccer ball off of his bed, a BMX biker doing tricks...