Adidas "Take What You Want"


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Adidas "Take What You Want"

In March of 1999, I saw an Adidas commercial which had the theme called "Take What You Want".. It featured an athletic runner, two women jogging by a cab, little kids with water guns, two fencers, a kid kicking a soccer ball off of his bed, a BMX biker doing tricks with his bike while being photographed (flashbulbs going off), and a father playing basket ball with his son.

The music was serious and moving. I first noticed it in March of 1999. I heard a woman's voice sing only one word in the song- "Take..."

Any leads on the song and artist? Was the song borrowed by Adidas or originally made up and created by Adidas?

Thank you!

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Still waiting. Still hoping.
In March 15- 20 of 1999 I saw an Adidas Commercial that introduced the theme "Take What You Want". It was a serious, yet moving tune that had a woman's voice sing the word "take.." Was the song an actual song or was it entirely made up by Adidas? If the song is an actual tune, whose the artist and whats the name of that track?


P.S.: Alot of good memories during the time that song came out. :blink: