1. T

    NBA Wilt Chamberlain late 1990s early 2000s

    Hi guys I remember this NBA commercial from the late 90's or early 2000s. It was either an I love this game or an NBA at 50 commercial but it had Wilt Chamberlain talking and this female singing in the background. Kind of like Enya or similar. Would love to know what the heck it was. Any ideas...
  2. M

    Nike Kobe VII System "Adaptation"

    Anyone knows this score? thanks
  3. C

    Under Armour "Are You From Here" basketball

    Anyone know the song played in this commercial?
  4. Mr. Perfect

    Nike "Basketball Never Stops"

    Does anyone know the name of the song in this Nike ad? The sample is a good minute and a half long, but there aren't any lyrics to look up.
  5. J

    More Than a Game

    anyone know the last song in the trailer? thanks YouTube- More Than A Game - Official Trailer
  6. P

    NBA Cares

    Does anyone know the music to this commercial: its just piano, drums, and maybe bass, but im having a hard time finding it. It may be just stock music, but im also having a hard time thinking of what genre to search under. Any help would be...
  7. F

    Orlando Magic Playoffs

    Does anyone know what this is from, I think its a movie, but im not sure. The Orlando Magic use it in all their playoff commercials and not knowing what is its making me crazy. Its been racking my brain for weeks now. You can hear it by clicking the link below. The video is from last year but...
  8. N

    NCAA Final Four

    I first heard this song at a hockey game, then heard it right before the UCLA college basketball game - when I turned to my coworkers and said "See this is the song". All I got back were blank stares. CBS was showing a preview clip and the song was in the background. I've never heard any of the...
  9. P

    NBA I Love This Game

    it's like a classical piece some woman harmonizing i think, one of them has steve nash dribbling through defenders and then finger rolls the ball as channing frye tries to block it, another one has like manu ginobli of the spurs getting hacked and getting back up, another one has dwyane wade...
  10. C

    Nike "House of Hoops"

    Hey I was just wondering if anyone knows the song they play in the new nike house of hoops commercial with amare stoudemire narrating and high school basketball players doing various drills.
  11. S

    Sprite "Liquid Freedom" basketball court swimming pool

    Sprite "Liquid Freedom" basketball court swimming pool Hey I'm trying to find the musc to an old ad, it's playing in Europe where I am right now. It is the Sprite Ad where there are all these people around a basketball court and it turns into a pool and they all start to dive into it. In the...
  12. C

    NBA Finals

    theres a song in the background at a beach scene and the championship trophy is made out of sand
  13. C

    Adidas "One"

    Adidas "One" This will be a tough one, because I just found this site, and this commercial is from about two years ago. And I don't recall the advertiser, but the ad showed 1-2 second clips of teams of every kind preparing for competition. I THINK it was a reebok ad, and the song was a REALLY...
  14. U

    NBA Finals

    There is a song that they play in the NBA Finals right after timeouts and before ABC goes to break and they play different motown hits and there is one song where there are ladies singing in a high pitched voice and it sounds like they are saying "workin on the man..." or "workin 9-5" or...