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Ad Council "Cheat Sheet"


I'm looking to find out who sings something I heard on a commercial. All I really know are the lyrics "morning came too soon". It might be "Monday morning came too soon" but I'm not sure. It sounds like a young female singing, it has kind of a solemn accoustic rock sound.

I've googled the lyrics but I come up with either a song by Scorpion or a song called "Until You Loved Me" by The Moffatts, which is on the Never Been Kissed soundtrack.

I can't find anywhere where I can listen to a sample of the song to see if it's the one I'm looking for. My guess is that it's either not the right song, or the commerical I heard was of another artist singing a cover of their song.

I can't describe the commercial, I've seen it somewhat recently, but I have no idea what it's for. It might be more of a public service announcement-type thing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Howdy, Galtish.

Try here for a sample of the Moffatts' song: < clicky >

Hope that helps. Lemme know if it's the one you're looking for.

=) happyjud
Thanks for the link. That's not the song I heard on the commercial, now I'm wondering if it's just a song clip made for the commercial...
The only song I can think of is the Scorpions one, called "Arizona", but the lead singer is a man. Of course he's got a kinda high voice.. but I don't think you could mistake him for a woman.. ;)
Maybe someone remade it?
Or perhaps, like you said, it's just for the commercial. Sorry I don't know.. and I tried finding a clip of "Arizona" for ya somewhere but I couldn't. :(
I found it, kinda...

The song I heard was "Monday Morning" by Maria Mena, from her album "Another Phase". It was featured on an Ad Council spot for Operation Graduation called "Cheat Sheet".

Now I'm still out of luck because she's not an American artist so I can't find anywhere I can sample or purchase her album.... :(
the commercial opens up with a girl taking a test then has the girl opening a note, her teacher comes over thinking it's a cheat sheet, and it's a note saying i love you from her mother

i adore this song and i really want to know who does it/what album it's on


(partial lyric) *monday mornin....came too soon...*
I just did a lyric search, and came back with this, so far:

The Moffatts, "Until You Loved Me" (An audio sample is at the link)

You could try also try emailing the Ad Council and asking if they have info on the music.
nope not it all all : ((( verry quiet indie type sound similar to azure ray cat power if anyone is familiar with those

but yeah i think i will e-mail them...thanks for the advice!
It's called "Monday Morning" by Maria Mena. You can view the commercial here (click on "Cheat Sheet").
I'm looking for the artist whodoes the background music for a PSA, here in Florida. It takes place in a classroom where they are all taking a test, as the teacher is walking around a room, a girl pulls out a note and its from her mom. Then this tune comes on, and it sounds like maria mena and the lyrics sound like, " Monday morning it comes to soon."

Anybody have an idea. any help would be great
Okay, I know no one is going to know this but what the hell. Has anyone seen the newest COX Cable ad, I think it's associated with the Ad Council. In the ad this high school girl is about to read a note in class, but her teacher makes her give it up, and it turns out the girl's mom wrote her the note and it says "You're doing a great job!! Love mom." on it. AWWWWW, I know.
It's a very smooth female voice. High pitch and the lyrics go something along the lines:

Monday morning and I'm feelin......

basically with just a guitar playing in the background.
That's it: Monday Morning by Maria Mena. Now where do I get it? Itunes does not carry it.
It's on the album called "Another Phase," but I haven't been able to find it anywhere.
This a commercial for Cox Communications, my local cable TV and internet provider in OK. I know they are in other states as well.

The commercial begins with a teenage girl with dark hair sitting at her desk in a classroom. She looks nervous and the teacher is passing out a test. The teenage girl takes out a scrap of paper as the teacher walks up next to her as if to cheat but it is a good luck note from her mother. The words "What Does it Take to Keep Your Kids in School?" fill a green screen. This must be a public service announcement.

Anyway the song is slow, guitars in the background acoustic/ slight country style, husky femaile voice- soprano, "Monday morning came too soon, it's entering my head ..."

I googled it but no answer- does anybody recognize this song?


The song I would like to find out about is playing in the background
I've been looking for a song to a commercial that's so unobtrusive, I don't even know what the bloody thing's advertising. It's got a girl in high school, working in class, and a note is passed under the desks. She goes to read it, but her teacher interrupts her, quietly takes the note, and reads it. It says something like "you did great today/look great today, Love Mom." The song that I'm looking for that goes along with the spot goes "Sunday mornin', came too soon- it's followin' my-" and then it gets cut off/faded to black. I don't know the advertiser, but their little info bit at the bottom of the screen says "1-800-4-A-KID."
Anyone know what I'm talking about?
The song IS by MARIA MENA and is called 'Monday Morning'.

The PSA is for Operation Graduation.
Wow, that was quick! Thanks so much! I searched the forum for anything with "Monday morning," but didn't come up with anything. Thank you again. :D
It's the one that a teacher walks up to a teenage girl with a note, asks her to give her the note, and the note was written by the girl's mom. It's kind of a slow, sad song. There are lyrics, but I can't remember them. Thank you!