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Hey Guys

For the past couple of days I keep saying a commercial for the new Acura RL ... its just a car going down a road and just keeps goin fast and the song kinda sounds like Coldplay - Clocks

thnxx alot in advance :p
I've been looking for this song too, if this is the ad where the yellow lines on the road are peeling up and flying off as the RL goes down the road. I've searched around but haven't been able to find anything yet. Any help would be appreciated.

Yeaa thats the one :D Cmonn guys plzz try to find it its such a nice song B)
I'm not sure I've even seen this one. Are you guys seeing it during any particular shows or networks?
Yeah, I've seen that one while watching the US Elections special on Kiro7 (joint with CBS' coverage of the elections). I want to know what it is, too!

Very nerve-wrecking not knowing a song... and the next president...

Ohio's the big question mark right now.
Has anyone found this 'un? I just saw the commercial and was about to ask this thread's question myself, the song's really quite cool.

I'm the new guy here. I specifically joined the site to get this Acura RL tune question;answered.

What intrigued me is the fact that it is hauntingly similar to the "sound" of a group I managed in the 80's out of SF. They were known as ON BEYOND. A sort of U2 meets Bauhaus meets Big Country kinda' thing.

I mean it's really close...

No, I don't think that's the one the others are talking about. Definitely not the one I am trying to figure out. Same car, different spot.

The ad we're talking about shows an RL (in color) swerving through a mountain pass, and as it goes the yellow road stripes fly into the air, as if being ripped from the road by the car's "wake". The tune is basically a guitar/synth riff of some type. Might just be music produced by the ad company but it is pretty cool sounding.
Yeaa the song is amazing ... has anyone emailed them ;)
I don't know. I suspect you'd be unlikely to get a response anyway (at least from a person who knows about such things); most of the corporate consumer service types probably have no information on the specifics of their advertising campaigns.
I know. Do you have a link to the commercial so I can see it again? It shouldn't be this hard to identify this. :ph34r:
Yeaa it should really not but it is ... I havent even found a link to the commercial yet
I emailed Acura and they responded:
"All of our commercials this year feature original
music arranged and composed for Acura by Elias & Associates"

Here is the next hurdle everyone....
These are the people who made the music. I haven't explored the website fully - the answer may be there.

I think I found it but I have not seen the commercial for a while so I don't recall the song!

Band: Galaxie 500
Album: Today
Song: Instrumental

Anyone can confirm this by listening at