Acura 265-hp MDX


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Does anyone know the name of this song? I have a feeling it might just be original music for the ad, in which case I'm probably SOL. Its just your basic car commercial, driving down winding roads and there's a woman's voice sortof swaying back and forth, not really singing any lyrics... That's all, thanks
I know the group is called Venus Hum but I don't know the name of the song. If I figure it out, I'll keep you posted...
I just saw this commercial...
A thread on the message board says that it's not venus hum.
So, what is it?
I'm very interested in finding out what this track is as well... I decided to just revive this thread then to make a new one.
Originally posted by johngo32@Jun 23 2004, 04:24 PM
I decided to just revive this thread then to make a new one.
:) that's the right thing to do.

I think I've seen the ad, but I don't remember the music. Did anyone find the ad online to watch?
Does anyone know the song title used in the acura 265-hp MDX commercial?

Consolidate with the "new Acura MDX" thread. I concur with the user who stated the band as NOT Venus Hum. The woman's voice is very similar though. I fear the cool tune was made simply for the commercial :(
Here's the other thread for an Acura MDX ad, is this describing the same ad you're referring to Blue?
I got an email back from that confirmed it was original music composed for the trailer. They did give me the name of the company that they use. Its Elias Arts, which wasn't too surprising. They're website is pretty cool and it has a lot of their commercials and music videos that you can check out. Here's the link: Elias Arts
I forgot to add that, while the site is indeed cool, so far I haven't found any clips or information about the new Acura MDX commercial in question.

I'm looking for the music in the Acura commercial with the orchestra. From the website with the Acura commercials, it looks like this one is called "Satellite". I'm wondering if this is another one by Elias, or if it is actually a song (it sure sounds like it).

Hey Peeps!
Just got off the phone with Elias Arts' LA office. The song for the Acura 265-HP MDX car commercial is NOT available commercially. They own the rights to the song, and have no intention of releasing it. Blue9785.
That being said...maybe the music can still be enjoyed on a popular video site. The vocal sounds a bit like Poe.