76th Annual Academy Awards


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Have any of you heard the really catchy background music to the advertisment for the 76th Annunal Academy Awards? I live in New Zealand, but I have been informed by TVNZ music executives that the ad is also being screened in the USA as well. I have also recieved from various sources that the song is called "In the House" but I'm not sure if this is true or not, because when I conducted a search it only showed up as an album.

Can anybody help?
Sorry, I never saw any Academy Award ads on TV...

Maybe we could help identify the song title for sure. Can you describe it? Were there any lyrics? Why type/genre was the music? Etc...
Does anyone know what movie the music from the Memorial Tribute to all the deceased actors, was from on the Academy Awards?

Thank you!
It was a really great dance music tune, with some male vocals sort of humming to the music repeated over again. I beleived it may have been looped to fit in the 45 second ad.