1. khoaghost

    Pride of Britain Awards

    does anyone know the track with orchestra and choir from 2:05 to the end ?
  2. M

    2012 MTV Video Music Awards VMAs

    Can anybody tell me the songs that Calvin Harris played as DJ at the 2012 VMA's as the announcers were coming out or as they were heading into commercial break. The particular one I am looking for is right after Drake/Lil Wayne accepted their award. Thanks!
  3. R

    84th Annual Academy Awards

    Does anyone who was behind the music played during tonight's Best Picture montage reel? Audiomachine was used in another one of the montages, but not sure if this was them as well.
  4. M

    2010 MuchMusic Video Awards

    Can anyone tell me what the songs are and by who on the commercials for the MMVA awards? One has Miley Cyrus and it's a bluesy song. The other one is a girl I don't know who walks down the street and swings a pick axe into the sidewalk; then an explosion of animation comes out. This singer...
  5. Nance

    82nd Annual Academy Awards

    For the Horror Tribute: I think the beginning is from Jaws, then Psycho, then Young Frankenstein, Psycho again and the Omen... after I don't know... The Exorcist theme ? But what about the chorus you hear when they show Dustin Hoffman in Marathon...
  6. L

    2009 MTV Video Music Awards

    I just heard a song when MTV was going to a commercial- after Muse performed... and it was in the background while the woman was speaking about who would be coming up next... and the music could be described as techno pop... and from what i think i heard it kept repeated the same lyrics over and...
  7. R

    2009 Daytime Emmy Awards

    lyrics at first sound like break free Break into my heart tell me what you see help me from the dark lock inside of me help find the light look inside the dark set my spirit free break free? Then repeats. Really wanting to know.
  8. V

    2009 MTV Movie Awards does anyone know if the song in that is a real song or if it was just made for the commercials???
  9. K

    2009 MTV Movie Awards

    I know there was a TON of songs on last night's show, but if anyone could list what they heard and when, that would be great. I heard so many cool songs that I don't even know what to ask for! Thanks in advance!
  10. P

    2008 MTV Movie Awards

    Hi, I'm looking for the music at the end of the show, when Ben Stiller and Jack Black annonce Robert Downey Junior, his "intro" song. That song was in a promo for the season 5 finale of 24 too, i can upload it if needed. I'm looking for the name of the song. Thank's !
  11. B

    80th Annual Academy Awards

    The music that played during the montage? Please and thank you.
  12. C

    MTV Video Music Awards

    Hello, I just saw a commercial for the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards 2007 and I liked the song in it. I was wondering if anyone knew the artist and title of the song? It had a classic guitar riff in it, but it was accompanied by a cool beat. Any ideas?
  13. A

    79th Annual Academy Awards

    During the Oscar telecast Will Smith introduced a montage by Michael Mann that was supposed to be about America. Does anyone know what soundtrack the first song used is from? It has a very dreamy and magical tone. You help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  14. E

    Spike TV Video Game Awards

    Does anybody know the name of the song in the commercial for Spike TV's 2006 Video Game Awards? It's some punk song.
  15. F

    2006 Daytime Emmy Awards

    i overheard this song while my mom was watching tv and i was wondering if anyone heard this song and knows who sings it. the words go like hey (for like 3 seconds) then yeah yeah yeah.
  16. S

    78th Annual Academy Awards

    What is the song that is played in the montage about watching old/er movies on big screens... right before the host said that he was out of clips... It was a very mysterious-esque soundtrack song... I think it may be in like... harry potter or something. Thanks Staples
  17. M

    74th Annual Academy Awards

    Does anyone know the song in this performance at the end where the acrobats wearing yellow is played.
  18. M

    76th Annual Academy Awards

    Have any of you heard the really catchy background music to the advertisment for the 76th Annunal Academy Awards? I live in New Zealand, but I have been informed by TVNZ music executives that the ad is also being screened in the USA as well. I have also recieved from various sources that the...
  19. O

    75th Annual Academy Awards

    Last year at the Oscars the music was in charge of Bill Conti. I would like to know the name of the song that was played when the actors said what it felt like winning an Oscar. It was a calm instrumental piece I think from the late 80s. Thanks in advance.