3 Ninjas Kick Back


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I've been looking all over the net for songs used in 3 Ninjas Kick Back. It's an old kids movie that came out in '94... the songs are Japanese and happen in 3 scenes, I think. One is when they are in a limo while sightseeing in Japan, the other when they are training, and the last while they are participating in a karate tournament.

Any help would be appreciated :)

Dear God... I just had flashbacks of watching those movies...

Those were dark days...

I was just gonna say...YOU WATCHED 3 NINJAS??!! :lol: :p :blink:
haha this movie was on tv so i decided to watch it

and when the 3 kids go to japan, they get a ride from these 2 japanese people.. and while there in the car this song starts playing.. it starts with drums and then flava flav.. goes yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bwoiiiiiiiii.. then some japanese man.. (i think) starts singing.. and its a wicked song.. i assume its a remix..

might anybody know the name of it

prolly not but any help would be appreciated:D

*edit* better yet, does anybody have a soundtrack, cuz i seem to really like all these songs in japanese, there wicked

thanks in advance

srry the title is actually 3 ninjas kick back.. (1994)
i tried downloading those songs and nothing poped up.. which isnt a surprise.. any idea where i can find them?