2009 Ford Flex Crossover "Lights"


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The commercial has the similar orange colors like others. The car is driving through the water toward the bridge, it's a city night scene ..then you see its inside. The guy's voice says: "When a new crossover arrives with 24m/g ..and three rows of upscale everything.."...bla bla..
The song in the background is melow (slower than Santogold) and you can hear female vocal singing "say..say..say.." or "sing..sing..sing" not really sure.. in echo voice. Then you hear the beat and she continues with "nah nah nay lay.." or something like that. Does anybody know/recognize this song?
Thanks! T

ps. I looked through almost all other Flex commercial responses and found no answer.
sounds closer to this one - which I think is the actual CD version.

There's at least 3, perhaps 4, Flex ads which are similar in presentation with different tracks.
Thank you all for all the responses.
Does anyone know who did the song in the commercial? I do believe it's a remix of "Say Aha", but ...by whom? Thanks again! T.
No, this is not it. The song in the commercial is way slower, melower..

jca posted the link where you can hear it/see it. Thanks, T.

I need this mix.

It's "Say Aha" by Santogold and it's not the album, TEPR remix, or the Mowgli Rap remix.
It's Squeak E. Clean's remix of Santogold's "Les Artistes". The lyric she's singing is "Change, change, change, change," not "say, say, say, say". And, yes, the remix is a bit mellower than the original.