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    Ford Flex

    Does anyone know what song was playing in the Flex car commercial? I know it's kind of old now but I like the song. Help if you can :) -bambi
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    2009 Ford Flex

    Its another video, with the exact same "nightlife" and "ambient" theme. Theres a mellow mid-tempo groove with a female vocalist, and I forget the lyrics the minute I decide to create a topic. Something along the lines of "hey pretty" or "I ____" something of that nature.
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    2009 Ford Flex Crossover "Lights"

    The commercial has the similar orange colors like others. The car is driving through the water toward the bridge, it's a city night scene ..then you see its inside. The guy's voice says: "When a new crossover arrives with 24m/g ..and three rows of upscale everything.."...bla bla.. The song in...
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    2009 Ford Flex Crossover "Grid"

    The commercial starts in orange outline, with a female vocalist singing "OH OHHH" a few times before it goes into a female vocalist singing over a fast drum beat. Anyone?