1. H

    Ford Australia

    I am sure Ford Australia used a Dean Martin song to advertise buying their cars in Australia in the late 1980s early 1990s but for the life of me I can't find it
  2. C

    Ford "Very Gay Raptor Redefining Tough"

  3. jchau067

    2017 Ford Escape "Make Memories"

    Hey all, Can anyone identify the song used in this commercial? Been searching for weeks now and it's racking my head in. Thanks for everyone with input!
  4. K

    Ford Explorer "For What Matters Most"

    Does anyone know the upbeat song played on the latest Ford Explorer TV commercial? The only lyrics I hear are ba da-da.
  5. H

    Ford Go Further 2016 Sales Event

    I liked the song, found it on YT: The song is called Freedom, by Freedom Pitbull and you can find it at Amazon.
  6. M

    Ford Escape "Go Further"

    Stock music or is this a real tune?
  7. Z

    Old(ish) Ford commercial

    Hi, Not much info I'm afraid, but I remember a commercial in the UK for the Ford Ka (I think). It was a suburban scene where the car was seen driving about and there was a pretty chilled out instrumental tune playing. I think the ad was a little surreal, and when someone stood up to watch the...
  8. B

    2014 Ford Focus

    Would like to know the name of the music in a new commercial shown in Canada (don't know if it's anywhere else). The short commercial features a red 2014 Ford Focus driving around. There is a woman's voice for narration. The music is ambient electronic, with a light, groovy beat that is not too...
  9. R

    2015 Ford Mustang

    Hi, I can't find any info on this music. Can anyone help?
  10. W

    Ford Escape Hybrid

    :) Looking for the catchy tune that is played during the car ad.. not the SUV... thanks!!
  11. G

    Ford Edge SE

    Hi, Does anyone know the name of the group and song on the 2013 Ford Escape car commercial?
  12. M

    Ford C-MAX Hybrid "Says Wheeee"

  13. R

    Ford "Go Further"

    Hi, I would anyone have a lead on the piano music used in Ford's "Go Further" advert?
  14. M

    Ford hybrid piano riff

    there was that commercial where they are all talking about not getting gas for a month and a piano riff is playing in the backround....anyone know?
  15. R

    2013 Mustang

    Anyone know who performs the music in the new 2012 Ford Mustang commercial?
  16. M

    Car commercial help

    all of a sudden i started thinking about this really good song i heard in this car commercial around half a year to a year ago, i have bin craving to actually hear this song and not just play it over in my head ever since i started thinking about it!!! its a rock song that has a nice slow beat...
  17. T

    Ford "Swap Your Ride"

    I absolutely love the song in these commercials, anybody know the name? It's been stuck in my head for days.
  18. softball29

    Upstate NY Ford Dealers

    It's for the Upstate NY Ford Dealers. The vehicle isn't always the same. The one part of they lyrics have "I know every lock has a key..." Been driving me nuts. I can't find it on YouTube even.
  19. F

    2012 Ford Focus

    There's an ad for the 2012 Ford Focus, playing in Canada, that has light electronic-ey music with no lyrics. Anyone have an idea what it is??
  20. C

    Ford Fiesta

    Hey - does anyone know the song for the new Ford Fiesta ad? It's great but I don't know who does it. Thanks.:D