2008 Volvo C70


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I can't find anything on it, even the commercial on youtube. It's the commercial where the couple walk by the c70 as it's retracting it's hard convertible top.

the lyrics are as follows:

lost in a daydream of blue and i feel so free
and then it's like i fall from the sky everything i see is you
oh i adore you
I'm in on the search too. Nothing yet. I'll kept this thread posted on what I can spock out.
I haven't found anything regarding the song yet. However I did find out that, in the past, Volvo has hired musicians to make music for their commercials specifically (as in, they're not on albums and only 30/60 seconds long). I'm hoping this isn't the case for this commercial.
The song was written especially for Volvo and is called "I Adore You" by the Swedish artist Melpo Mene, and in fact is a full length song. He hasn't released it yet and I haven't been able to find it anywhere, even on youtube ): His myspace is http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...iendid=48308618

Hopefully someone will come up with a place to at least listen to it/ download it. Yayy.
Ah, good find. Pity it was specifically for it, but yes, this is better. Now to just convince these companies to release their songs...
Just to let you all know, I asked him if he good put it up, and he did:) soo yayy
Just listened to it. Very nice song. Great job spunky34. :D

Thank you Melpo Mene. :)
Yay, what a great song, good work internet :D . Now if I could only buy/download it.
Hello all, i just saw this commercial for the Volvo...i think XC90, i looked at the volvo site and it looks about the same, and it has the family that was standing around in the commercial. What i remember from the commercial is a family? or a bunch of people walking towards this volvo, and some really nice mello music, with singing is playing. I'm sorry this isn't very descriptive. Thanks for the help.
I believe I've seen this for three Volvo models now: Melpo Mene - "I Adore You".
Hey everyone. You know those new "Get 2Gether with a Volvo" series commercials? Well, what is that song being played in the background?? It's bugging me because I really want to know what it is and it gets stuck in my head every time it comes on. D:

Thanks for any help in advance. :/
The only Volvo ad I've seen lately features Melpo Mene - "I Adore You". This one or something newer?
Does anyone know where I can get this song? It's awesome but it doesn't come up on iTunes or any other music downloading program...:/