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man there've been a lot of car ad releated music requests lately, but I havent seen this one yet...

Okay As far as I can tell there are 2 or three comercials for this new car, the one I'm interested in is the convertable's commercial where the camera rotates around the car a couple of times in a city setting while above the car it says something to the effect of 0-250.... guakers per mile" or something like that. The music is a fast, high energy, repeating, guitar riff accompanied by record scratchin'. As the music reaches it's peak the camera finishes it's rotation and the car starts off along the street, the camera following along frome the side.

If it helps I've seen it during Lost, The Tonight Show, and several other primetime shows on both ABC and NBC. (ohh wow that narrows it down huh?)Anyone have an idea?

Thanks in advance!
There are two commercials. The one you are referring to is called 'Slack-Jawed'.

To view, go here, click on 'Gallery' in the bottom right corner, then select 'Feel the rush of the SLK TV spots'.

No idea on the music though!
While digging around in the Mercedes-benz site I noticed they have a media sections with a few free downloadable songs. This section seems to be in it's 3rd edition. I'm guessing at this but I think one of the songs might have appeared in a past commercial.

Anyway I was wondering if anyone had seen this and maybe had a list from the previous editions or know where I might find one, The title of the song I'm looking for might actually be on it if I'm right about the song I heard in the current edition..

(also could a mod fix the spelling error in the title? because it'd probably make it easier for anyone else searching for the same things to find this thread and know it hasnt been answered yet. "Mercedes", not "Mercades")
Which particular Mercedes site are you referring to? Do you have a link?
Previous editions of Mixed Tape are no longer available online (for licensing reasons I assume).

However, I have managed to find the track listings:


01 cantelopps . . grandma .. 04:36
02 from town to town . . leutohm . . . 03:38
03 cold cold heart . . steve nick . . 05:27
04 jazzmaze . . trommelfell . . 04:06
05 the difference is you . . monk . . 03:21
06 zooloo nation . . danny breaks . . 02:30
07 what ́s the difference . . deadjazz . . 02:08
08 embrace . . julian petrin . . 04:26
09 die neue cls-klasse . . mercedes-benz. . . 01:44
10 mandolay . . skizzo franick . . 05:06
11 autostrada . . nil dymont . . 03:22
12 ronin . . dj bootsie . . 05:35
13 tell me how . . camp . . 03:02
14 transform . . digitalis . . 07:17
15 spinning on a chair inside a room . . he can jog & terry ubrien . . 05:22


01 what a day - audiomatix _ 04:00
02 star of the stoy - lacks _ 03:12
03 the true form - comfort fit _ 03:10
04 blue - acoustic world ensemble _ 03:04
05 the session - moogul _ 04:28
06 friday i`ll be there - erik sumo _ 04:04
07 kontakt - konferenz _ 03:40
08 extraordinary people - harmonic 33 _ 03:36
09 too much - très:ciel _ 03:27
10 who you are - radiolife 03 _ 08:15
11 get closer - bloc business _ 04:29
12 classic - viennese cinnamon _ 02:54
13 metro - bazar _ 04:52
14 warming - phoniclux _ 05:05
15 singalong tammy - marion _ 02:34
Thanks!.... now to the arduous task of trying to find samples of all these songs to compare...
There is already a thread on this but so far no-one seems to have come up with the answer.

We're working on it!
Hello - anyone have any ideas on this one yet? It's the song in the new Mercedes SLK (convertible) commercial - really fast techno with FatBoy Slim feel...
So far no luck. I even broke down and emailed Mercedes, the question was fowarded but I've still not heard an answer back yet. I've checked a bunch of fatboyslim songs already and no luck... I suppose it could be any number of other Drum&Bass artists but without a better referance point it's next to impossible to nail down.
I am still looking for the song on the 350 commercial called Pavement, with the 0-60 times. Anyone have a clue???
I sent them an email a while ago, they replied saying the question was being fowarded to the correct department but I never received a reply... As cool as the the song is I dont know if even THEY know where it's from at this point. :(
They never got back to me. I have a feeling it was made specifically for the commercial. :(
that sucks....I really like the music to "Pavement".....hmmmm could we boycott them...... :unsure:

I was totally going to buy a 60,000 dollar car this weekend but screw it. :angry: