2003 Mitsubishi Outlander


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i have this song stuck in my head from a car commercial(i think) the lyrics go somthing like this "just breath" it's almot like a techno song. thanx a million!.. or w/e.. :p
If you recall there was commercial with a man driving around in the city at night. He has different situations going on in his car while he drives but he is smiling as he drives looking out at the road. The song in that is called Breathe by Telepopmusik which is an awesome group. A techno meets ambient song.

Just wanted to share that with you
hi guys,

i'm wondering if anybody has the commercial clip of Mitsubishi's Outlander commercial, featuring the song "Breathe" by TelePopMusik

i'm obsessed with this today...thx if u can help me out.
I think he's asking for the commercial .. not the song itself =)
Trying to find the name of a song that was played on a mitsubishi commercial a few years back. If memory serves me correctly, I think it was for the eclipse. The song had lyrics that said "another day", "just breathe" (or "just believe", I'm not sure), and something like "I used to live that life". The song was sang by a female and it had a pretty good dance beat to it but was still kind of mellow. I'm going nuts!!! If anyone knows, I would appreciate being filled in.

Early 2000 SUV Driving through city

Alright no lyrics to song nothing at all its been years but I need help. It's an SUV commerical a younger possible married black couple driving through the city at night during the commerical he opens the sunroof and looks over at his wife and rose piddles come falling in like a romantic scene. But thats all I can remember but I don't know that song that's playing any help???
Re: Early 2000 SUV Driving through city

lol, this is an easy one for me, one of my fav. commercials of all time.

Telepopnik with "Breathe" for the Mitsu. Outlander.