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I was wondering if anybody knew the song from the Mitsubishi Electric "TV" commercial. It's a rock intrumental piece...sounds like modern Led Zeppelin. It shows a guy surfing for a bit, then we see a TV set, and it ends with "Mitsubishi Electric: Digital Revolution" as the last shot.

It's a very short commercial but the music rocks, and I've searched all over the net for this. All my searches lead up to the old Mitsubishi Eclipse song (I'm getting sick of that song :( )

I hope someone here knows what I'm looking for. :)
I also am looking for this artist, it is a hdtv commercial. The surfing commercial, sounds to have hollow body electric guitars and mabey bass. This is a series of I think three commercials, all of which have different music. I see it most often on HD music.
Thanks a lot, I didn't catch it on their site before. I'll be on the look out for name of the song and artist, ie. if it exists.