You know what I like about this site.


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What I like about this site is the administarters don't power trip when someone makes a small mistake. I was in a forum and I posted a link of a clip. The clip flashed an advertisment before it played and they were like SPAM. NO YOU CAN'T DO THAT YOUR WARNING LEVEL IS AT 30%,and they closed the topic before anyone could even see it.

- I said I was sorry, and I'll never do it again, but they were a little mean about it.
I like it because there aren't a whole lot of people and you get to know everyone.
I like it because I can be stupid with very little repercussion.
Yes also true, thats why this site one of the more easy going ones around.

-That other site tried to bust me again for "multiple threads" cause I mention one I had posted earlier in a new forum, and they closed that one to. even if it was a multiple thread, they werent mentioned in the rules. They still had the same attitude so I was like " no thanks I'll just stay with Adtunes".
I lurve this site too!! (to steal a word from Meliss... :p ) You guys are all so nice, and I have fun hangin' out w/ y'all. (And I love beating Amfernee in towers, mwa-ha-ha!!!) Aw, what a big love-fest. :wub:
:wub: I love this site too. And it's been nice getting to know all the regulars and that fact that we are able to branch off and go wild in the general forum is nice as well.
ahh hell i love you guys! I gotta stop by more often.

and you girls can whoop my arse in towers anytime :D
I will agree too! You're the nicest bunch of folks I've ever had the chance to be in a forum with :blush: ^_^
hey I noticed this topic was moved. Did I post it somewhere else by mistake?
If I did it was probably because that other less cool forum site was being mean.
OOPS, everything suddenly made sence when I noticed what section of the site this topic had been moved to.

I thought it was moved to General discussion.

This is a good example of being stupid with very little repercussion dascoot mentioned earlier.
It's really good to hear positive feedback from you guys! You don't know how much it is appreciated -- it balances out the crap emails/messages I get. :lol:

I am happy that you all have found a home away from home, of sorts. :D

I hate you all. I don't like any of you. Especially you, you, you and really, really especially you!

This is also a great site to put all that music knowledge (that you were told was usless) to good use.

Whats with the Hostility Squirly thats pretty "Ill Willed" of you.

Originally posted by squirly@Feb 17 2005, 09:29 PM
I hate you all. I don't like any of you. Especially you, you, you and really, really especially you!


Get it -ill willed... hahaha :lol:
Fock YOU fock YOU fock YOU.. YOU'RE cool.. fock YOU..

Hehe I PG-13ed it. :)