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Let's get a list together of everyone's real names and where they're from. Ages too. And, if you have a link to a photo, post that URL. I'll make a master list and add it as a Sticky to the top of the General Discussions area. And, maybe Dascoot (or whoever wants to) can update the map with everyone.
I'm Melissa, I'm 26, I'm from the Tampa Bay area, and this is what I look like when I'm mistaking "coy and flirty" with "drunken boobery". :)
My name is Erika with a "k" I'm 19, I'm from Texas and this is what I look like when I wake up Roses
I'm Anthony, I'm 21, and I'm way up north eating cheese turds in wisconsin. Yeee ha! And here's a pitcher
I'm Sam. As of tomorrow I will have lived in the Cleveland area for a week. Yipee! I'm 29 and here's me at Disneyland. (If I was on my computer I would put up a better pic but I'm not so I won't. So there! :p :lol: )
Wow Erika, you look so different compared to the pics I saw lol. (in a good way :p)
You remind me of Supernanny (that show here on channel 13 on mondays at 10pm)
:wub: I lost alot of weight man, and SUPERNANNY? omg I cannot tell you how much I hate *english stripper accent* You've been very very naughty
Hhahahaha I know exactly what you mean, but don't worry, it's not you like look exactly like her :p
you look good ! ! ! ;)

I'm Gus by the way, born and raised in Amsterdam, moved to Victoria, BC Canada in 2002. 16 years old. Boy/human.
[color= #ff0066] oh yay i never knew we actually had an adtunes people map. haha. oh well, my name is stephanie and i hail from northern virginia. here is me and my infamous pink scarf.[/color]
I'm Adam, I'm 27, and I live in the vicinity of Minneapolis/St. Paul. I like music, movies, and hanging out with my friends. Here's a picture of me from our office Christmas party. :woo:
I'm Staci, 15, in southern Georgia. But please do not refer to me as a Georgian, southerner, etc. I might have to kill you. :p And to save your eyes the pain, I won't show a picture of myself.
Originally posted by Sir_Garland@May 12 2005, 11:47 AM
Aww, I'm sure it's not bad. No one likes their own picture.
Everytime I look at a picture of myself, I'm like :blink: :sick: :sick:
lol everyone's like that when they see themselves on a picture...it's like hearing your own voice on a tape recorder or something
I hate that picture I posted, I look all goofy and ROUND in it, but it's like the only one that exists where I'm looking at the camera. *shrug*

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