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okay. so im thinking of buying one. and to tell you the truth...even though i love taking random general, i know nothing about cameras. let alone a digital camera.
now i tend to take a lot of moving pictures so how does the shutter speed work on a digital camera work. whats is a (good/bad) range? for ex. 15-1/2000 sec. ...what the heck does that mean?
plus, the memory card. i know that it stores photos and such...but does it produce better quality photos? meaning, the bigger the size, the better? or is it just...bigger, the more storage.
and finally, im a huge fan of nikon and canon. i dont know which "brand" to get.
Maybe this thread will help you out. I just bought a new Canon Dig Cam about two months ago, previously owned a Nikon. I loved my Nikon until it broke... and now I'm crazy about my Canon -- it's pretty simple to use, you can use "manual shooting modes" to adjust the shutter speed to your liking, or use the preset modes which work great and eliminate any guess work. My camera has a "kids/pets" mode which matches the shutter speed so you can catch action shots, which sounds like what you need. :)
how much money are you willing to dish out with this camera... i could recommend something to you... I have 4 digital cameras... which is sad...