White Chicks


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the one during the runway scene, its in there another time also... it's like "move your body, get up on your feet and party woah woah woaaah!" I think it had a music video like last year, and it was like a video game and all pixelated, and there was like a dancing mouse!!! HELP!
What is the song in white chicks where its like really upbeat dance music, and the voice is kind of high and electronic sounding... and the lyrics go like "everybody, get up on your feet lets party whoa o whoaooooo!" it's somewhat like that...

I think it had a music video last year, and it was a pretty popular song but the music video was like an old video game video, and it was really pixelated and it was like a monkey? or a mouse that was dancing i think, and there were like two of them... I think im going crazy? help, anyone? :huh:
I believe this song was on White Chicks. If not, I know I have heard this song on other movies. I only know the chorus as follows:

"Everybody move your feet and move your body"

The chorus is sung by a young Michael Jackson type voice.
I'm looking for a song from white chicks. It's the rap song while they're riding in the car when they're afraid to say "the n word." The song in the trailer is get low, but thats not the one that's in the movie.

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Hi, i have a question, what's the name of the song in te white chicks movie when they are singing in the car (the first song) and when the white chicks sisters dancing break please help me bye
and sorry my english it's bad :(
They are singing "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton in the trailer that shows that same scene. Link goes to available audio sample.

Is that the correct song?
Thanks! that's the right song, but i need one song more, what's the name of the song when the white chicks sisters dancing please help me
and thanks again :D :lol:
I haven't seen the movie, so you'll have to give some details on the song. Genre, tempo, lyrics, male/female vocals, etc...
hello , i'm search the song who words are "she says good bye" please let me the singer

thank you in advance and see you bye ++++ :D :D
What scene is the song during? What kind of music is it? Rock, country, rap, pop, etc...? Male or female vocals?
is when they are in the car and it's maybe rock or pop and it is a male

thanks you in advance
What was the song on white chikcs whenthe wilsons(the real ones) were walking off the plane. it sounded like it was made especially for this movie. it sounded something like Miss Wilson......really dont give a f***. what was the name of this song. it had a kind of upbeat/punkish(kinda like Simple Plan) tune. Id appreciate it. Thanx.