The Virgin Suicides


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There's a song playing in The Virgin Suicides during the first few scenes at Cecelia's party. It goes something like "so long ago and so far away but my dream lives on forever...and how much I love you, you'll never know.." It sounds like a classic 70's song it's very mellow and you can only hear it in the back round. Any guesses?
what is the song playing the morning after trip and lux have sex on the field? the scene is kind of blueish, and it shows her waking up alone and taking a taxi back home...i think it's"highschool lover" by air but i'm not sure...
what is the song playing during the homecoming dance scene when trip and lux are chosen as homecoming king and queen and then they all dance and balloons come down?
"Come Sail Away" by Styx
You can hear a sample here, disc 1 track 15
can someone please tell me the name of the song in the asphixiation party scene, im pretty sure its by air. thanks in advance
The song in that scene is called "Empty House" (by Air, of course).
The whole soundtrack is really excellent.
I was wondering what this one song was called from the virgin suicides and i am pretty sure it is not on any of the two sountracks. It's one during the scene(s) between when the boys and girls are sharing music though the telephone. I think this is a line/lyric from it.. "..wherever you are..." i dunno, it kind of also has a sort of bee gees feel to it, but i don't think it's them.. thanks!
Well now i just found it. it's called "run to me" by the bee gees...i guess i was right.
There is a part in the movie where a guy is having dinner with the family. He goes upstairs to the girls' bathroom and he is admiring all of their cosmetics. In this scene there is a beat playing. I know that one of the main songs featured in the movie is Playground Love, but if there is any specific name for that beat and anyone knows please tell me.