The Virgin Suicides


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Can someone tell me what the trailer music was for the Virgin Suicides? I know Air did an entire CD and did most of the music, but I'm sure what I heard in one of the trailers was something else. Any help?
"PlayGround Love" - Air
"High School Lover" - Air
"Right Here, Right Now" - Fatboy Slim

"Clouds Up" - Air
the song you looking for is "playground love" by Air
and the trailer or commercial that play that song, is the levis commercial with the french girl
does anyone know what the song or songs are from the trailer of the virgin suicides??
The first song is by air, the second one, which is technoish is by fat boy slim"right here, right now"
the second song in the full trailer, i know the first song is by air but i'm not sure the second song is...WILL SOMEONE PLEASE HELP????
The second song played is also by Air, it's called "The Word 'Hurricane'".
i dunno if its Air, if its techno i think you may be thinking of fat boy slims "right here right now" its everywhere and impossible to get the beat out of your head, i took me two years to track it down...enjoy!
does anyone know the last song that is played in the original trailer (not the teaser)
please help! =[

its really fast paced, and i feel like ive heard it somewhere, but i cant place it
The other two are "Playground Love" and "The Word 'Hurricane'" both by Air.