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hey folks, i'm looking for this 80's song!

it's being featured in a scene when maculay culkin and keoki (better known as Fez from that 70's show) hide in a carbagebin and are about to kiss eachother.
right afterthat you get to see, an image of the skyline of New York and a lot of fireworks, to express them having sex or something. and it's during this little scene there's a 80's hit being played.
i know it's a famous 80's hit, but i can't recall the title of the song or the artist.

the only thing i know is that the chorus goes something like this:

baby gives me round round, ...

(there's a lot of the word 'round' in it)

ok, it's no big of a help, but i hope you guys can HELP me out :)

thanx, and good luck

Hey does any one know the name of the song that plays in the background while "Angel" is being slowly lowered from a roof of some sort, I think its when Kulkin is discribing a dream, or something that happened when Seth Green is in the hospital. Also the name of another song that plays while "Angel" is walking up some stair in his red angel outfit. I havent seen the movie in about a year but thats all I could remember from the scenes where those two songs play. If anyone could help, I would really appreciate it.
~thanx :D
Sorry, haven't seen it yet. It's in my netflix cue though ;)
Well it's a good movie, also the music is great, hope you like it! :eek:k:
I haven't seen that film in a long time, but I think it's TOMCRAFT - "OVERDOSE" playing when one of the characters o.d's, and has the vision of being at the huge party. Either that or one of VITALIC's songs. I can't recall the title - sorry. I didn't check, but Amazon might have samples, no? Maybe not. Good luck.
does anyone know the name of the song that is playing while "michael alig" is introducing himself... in the beggining?
Good cause I only watched that movie once and I was only halfway paying attention to it.