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I was wondering if anyone knew the name of the song playing after the blonde chick tells that guy off and walkins off while the screens move and trap her in. there's two songs played during that scene. I'm looking for the second one. Please help
Yes I have the soundtrack.. its a technoish song with a girl singin.. but its hard to figure out what shes saying.
Check -- there was a track listing for the movie too -- there might be some additional songs listed there that aren't on the CD.
I'm goooooiiiinnng out on a huge limb here because I've only seen this movie once and I'm not even sure if we're talking about the same one ;)

Buuuuut I'm a huge techno fan and I remember this one sticking out so I think you're looking for Amanda Ghost - Filthy Mind

The chorus is
I'm drowning
So come inside
Welcome to my filthy mind
No it's not that one thank though.. i found it it's Reflection (tripnobas remix) by electrstatic. It's on a website called TZAP music and it's free to download.
What is the name of the song in the movie Valentine that goes something like this:
"the honeymoon is over, and all the champagne is gone, making love to reality..."
I would greatly appreciate your help.
Could you give us a little more to go on? Male or female singing? Pop, Rock, Techno, Alternative Rock, Heavy Metal? If you heard it while watching the movie, at what part did you hear it?
I asumed you have already check the soundtrack.
The vox are a female's voice. It's heard after Campbell & Lily [i think] try to have sex. It isnt on the soundtrack.
I'm not having much luck finding any information on the rest of the songs used in the movie. However, I narrowed it down to a few possibilities. I could be wrong, though.

"Telephone" by Star
"Throw Caution To The Wind" by Ronnie Gesser
"Merlin" by The Ethers

By the way, the character's name is Dorothy, not Lily.