lol i firgure that out..i dont think its possible for a guy to be like a girlfirned unless he's gay which i dont think you are, but hey..haha ;) jk..
Wow, what a strange thread.

Okay, for those that had problems hearing my song in question, I have a much better (483 kb) wav file of it. I know it seems weird for me to want this, but it's perfect for future things at school.

Go to http://www.michels5.net/song.wav (right click, and hit save target as).

Have fun! :D
Wow!!! I still don't know it. :lol: Have you tried looking into old tv show theme music like "Hazel" or "Please Don't Eat The Daisies?" Stuff like that?
Ahem, could you point me in right direction? ;) :lol:
Ooooh, this is going to take some serious searching.

Lousy, stupid, confusing song.
Honestly you can find several pieces that are very similar all through there. Unless you absolutely must have the song you're talking about I'd find something close and settle. ;)
That definitely sounds like an older library music track, but it could be from KPM, Chappell, Boosey & Hawkes, DeWolfe, etc. Most likely in their "archives" series. I would suggest contacting someone at Fox to see if they can help you here.

Lotsa luck to you in trying to find it!