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This song has always toggled my brain. I've heard it on The Simpsons, and other various shows. It's lounge music, sort of like Hackney Carriage. Yes, I have checked Music for TV Dinners.

To listen to an example of it (450ish KB), go to http://www.michels5.net/example.wav

Don't worry, it's not a virus. I would never do that to you guys. The song can be heard in the background, so you'll really have to ignore the fake advertisement over it.

I could hear it, and I know that I've heard it before too. It was on the Simpson's episode with some kind of industrious activity. I don't know what it's called, though. If I were to describe it, it would be like the music you hear in the background when you are traveling by train or like with the Simpsons when something progressive is going on in an industry with the little conveyer belts and people are all smiling as they work. I know that probably everyone has heard it before at one point or another. If you listen to the clip, the first few seconds should give you a good idea of what the whole thing sounds like. I'll look around for it...

It has been heard when Burns and Smithers decided to run the plant themeselves in "Last Exit To Springfiled," and when Marge and Lisa enter the 'World of Tomorrow' in, "Special Edna."

The Simpsons Archive (www.snpp.com) doesn't give the name of the song.
Yeah, that's the episode...I know a few sites that disect episodes and go through every little detail that happens, so maybe they will have it. I'll ask a few of my friends too since they might know it. I've been looking for it too.
I sure have, and I've searched it from top to bottom with no luck. I've listened to previews from:

Music for Tv Dinners: The 50s
Music for Tv Dinners: The 60s
Champagne Music

No luck.

Now, when searching through the actual epsiode capsule for Last Exit to Springfield, one of the reviews says this:

Yes! Not a classic, but a fine episode
nonetheless. A nice remembrance of gags from episodes past, like the
constant repetition of ``Dental plan / Lisa needs braces'' (compare
``Will you take us to Mount Splashmore?''), and the David Letterman
music (compare the incomparable ``Land of Chocolate'' scene)
. Even
Yeardley's singing was tolerable this time.
The land of chocolate! That's where I remember it more from. I do recall the Smithers and Burns running the plant scene, but the land of chocolate is where it was most familiar to me. I don't remember anything about David Letterman music though...hmm, I'll just have to keep looking. The sites I normally go on for that kind of thing didn't have it. Pooey.
No, dude, I have The Land of Chocoloate audio - it's not it. We are looking for a different tune.
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