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Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone knows what the title of the music is that plays after Gibson says "we will all come home"? Here is a link to the trailer just in case you don't remember it off hand.

We Were Soldiers Trailer
All I found was either James Horner -- "Courage Under Fire" or Mark Isham -- "Rules of Engagement."

I was able to find the 2nd one on CD, but haven't been able to find "Courage Under Fire."
USA Channel We Were Soldiers

I am looking for the artist and song title for the song playing in the background for We Were Soldiers commercial leading up to its weekend showing this November 5, 2004. I am not sure if it was USA or TNT. Update:I have confirmed it is on TNT.

The words go like this:

If I live
Just a day (today)?
Came alive
In my brain
Welcome to the (beautiful)?

It is sung by a man and a mellow song. The commercial is currently playing during this month. Thanks.
Could someone please help us out w/ this, i just saw the commercial as well. It only seems to be on TNT, i checked the website but nothing showed up for music. Its an alternative song im assuming, with a guy singing, please help us!
the song is "The Beautiful" perfomed by Five for Fighting included in the original soundtrack of the film..
That is it. Thanks for the help.

I met myself
just today
Came alive
in my grave

I was kind of close. Thanks again!
Okay this isn't on the trailer but it's in the movie. It's when some soldiers are getting into the helicopter and there's just a monotonous tone in the background and a guy is singing something like, "I will start my gun" It's really good but I just can't remember it Thanks!

I was wondering if anyone could help me with finding out some song titles. The first one i want is from that Mel Gibson movie - "We Were Soldiers."
Yeah...sorry...i forgot to describe the We Were Soldiers song...Well...it's the song that came out in the T.V. advertisement for the movie...the only lyrics i remember are.... "There's nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide..." I believe it is sort of hard rock...or so it sounded...thanx a lot to anyone who can help. <_<
I don't know if anyone can help, but I'll give it a shot anyway. Does anyone know the name or composer of the song that played during most of if not all the "We Were Soldiers" tv spots? I think it's a piece of production music, because I've heard it in other places, such as an espn sportscenter segment. It's kind of an upbeat and patriotic tune. If anyone has the we were soldiers DVD, you can see some of the tv spots. Any help would be appreciated.