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This one is a toughy because of how far we are from the time this commercial aired. I believe it was aired in late 1999 when the WB network in New York showed this commercial to promote thier line up of shows including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dawson's Creek, 7th Heaven and more. The commercial features all the young stars in what appears to be backstage of a sound set. Each actor got a few seconds of time. The song was slow and melodic, sung by a woman. That's all I can offer. It was an amazing song. Definitly should have been a hit.

Thanks everyone for checking this out.
I think i remember those commercials. I think they still have them, except with stars from smallville or one tree hill or other newer wb shows. I don't know if its the same music though
regardless if that's the right song, nice find fitz. B)

all I can say is Thanks and Wow...perfect. The commercial spot was "The Faces of The WB" 1999 and that is the song from the CD single version. Just bought it off Amazon. Thanks again. I have to admit that adtunes was a total shot in the dark but you guys are amazing...AMAZING!
It's very nice when someone acknowledges a find. Thanks. So often I've noticed no reply to an answer and wonder whether the person was helped or not. To be honest though there are more than a couple of people that leave me eating dust when it comes to these searches. :lol:

Michelle, Dascoot *cough* *cough cough* <_<