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There is a commercial for a bank / investment / financial advisor company circulating tv that has a classical sounding music track. The name of the company is escaping me, but their logo is yellow and blue and I think resembles a house. The commercial and music ends perfectly on an upbeat piano solo. Anyway, I was wondering if someone new what that song is, or at least what the name of the company is. Sorry for being so vague. :unsure:
No lyrics, just music.

I'm racking my brain trying to remember what the commercial is about. :angry:
but you remember how it goes, right? if so, do you think it was made solely for the ad itself or is the music famous?

Well at least I got the blue and yellow logo part right! Maybe if you turn it upside down it looks like a house.....uh, maybe not.

Anyway, the commercial is the one with an older balding gentleman standing in line and he looks to his right, does a doubletake, and sees a rather portly man opening a door for a woman. He goes through the door, is served a glass of champagne, and says something to the efect of "Wow, imagine a regular guy like me getting treatment like this from a bank." As to which the waiter says, "You're a regular guy?" The man is then escorted out.

Now to just find the song! To answer your question, I sounds like a famous piece. Obviously I could be very wrong, but it sounds like a "high end" piece, something that wouldn't be made for just a 30 second tv clip.