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Hello all, I registered tonight mainly to try to track down a song that has haunted me for more than a year.

I simply remember a really good song in an ad for some company I had never heard of and thinking I really should track it down.

I'm guessing the ad is circa 2007, although it could go back a year or 2 prior to that, or even could be 2008. I'm fairly certain not 2009 or newer, as I don't think I have seen the ad in at least a year.

I distinctly remember the ad was for a company I had not heard of. But I remember the company logo was a green emblem on a white field at the end of the ad. And it resembled a tree, or a forking road inside of a circle, or something along these lines. It was one of those strange ads where you really didn't exactly know what the company was advertising, which leads me to believe it might have been financial company or something like that.

My musical tastes vary wildly, but if I remember correctly the song was vaguely tripy and mellow. Not certain on these grounds, but if I were to guess it might have been along the lines of Shiny Toy Guns "Major Tom" cover.

I know this is REALLY vague, but seriously this has haunted me for months. I've searched for the company logo to try and trip a memory, with no luck.

Ring any bells at ALL for ANYONE?

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