Walgreens "Town of Perfect"

No lyrics, the "Perfect" ads are a series, both radio and TV depicting a perfect world and since there isn't one, how wonderful Walgreen's is. The music is "idyllic" there is a female soprano voice, trumpets, etc. It reminds of some movie score, maybe "Edward Scissorhands", but I'm not sure.
Not regional, because I've been seeing them in Florida for years..it does sound almost like a Danny Elfman score but I don't know, sorry.. Just hold out for Walgreen's response, I guess. (shrug)
I have now received two emails from Walgreen's thanking me for my interest and informing me they are looking into it. Hopefully I'll get a response to bring back here soon.
Oh well, here's the answer:

From: walgreens.com
To: xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Immense Curiosity [#7458138]
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2003 14:59:25 -0600

Walgreens music in the "Perfect" commercials was created specifically for us to use in this manner and is not available to anyone for any other purpose.

I'm very sorry to have to tell people this. It is a hauntingly beautiful refrain.

Mary Schultz
Manager, Broadcast Advertising
Walgreen Company
Does anyone know what the name of the song and artist are of the song playing the the walgreens commercial about the world not being perfect thats why there is walgreens?

The music almost sounds like Elfman's Edward Scissorhands score. I must hear the whole thing! Which agency? Who wrote it? Is there a recording available? Can anyone enlighten me?
Michelle: Yep! It's the "Perfect" theme. Thanks for directing me to the other postings. I see that Walgreen's responded by saying that it was composed solely for Walgreen's and was not available...
Wasn't to hard to interpret. It looks to me like you want to ask these guys:

Steve Ford Music
Does anyone know what that music in the ads for Walgreens (drugstores) is from??
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEjaj6Ac3fg

Could someone please tell me what the cool Christmas music is played on the Walgreen's Christmas ads? It sounds like a boys choir and all you hear is them singing, " Aaaahhhh ah ahhhh ahhhhhhh." Hmmm, reading this doesn't have the same effect as hearing it, but it really is pretty!
Is that the one that sounds like a chorus of angels or something singing? I first recall this song being played in their Christmas commercials and I loved it and thought it was just for their holiday ads but I recently saw one with the same song and was happy to hear it again. Does anyone out there know if it was recorded JUST for Walgreen's or if it's an existing song they borrowed? Much thanks! :D
=/ I take it this song is just not available at all? since it was made for the commercial only

; ; I absolutely love this song. Just wasnt sure if anyone contacted Steve Ford and got a reply.
I've been after this beautiful music since these commercials came out. They are so mesmerizing, I'm almost hypnotized by them. Still holding on to hope that someone may have found the name of the artist, orchestra or the title of this song. With so many people looking for this song, you'd think someone over at the Walgreens ads department would try to grant our wish to receive this. Well, I guess we'll always have YouTube where we can watch & listen to the old commercials...