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    Walgreens "Not Just a Pharmacy"

    View: https://www.ispot.tv/ad/1Etg/walgreens-not-just-a-pharmacy Hi! What is the name of the song being hummed on the Walgreens commercial 'not just another pharmacy'? Thanks so much!
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    Walgreens Pharmacy

    Earlier this year(Jan/Feb), I was hearing a commericial for Walgreens Pharmacy. I believe it was for automatic renewal of perscriptions at Walgreens. If I remember correctly, one of the characters name in the commercial was Mary. Anyways, the music used was a tune that I need to have. I've...
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    Walgreens Bunny Hop

    Does anyone know who the artist is that sings the Bunny Hop song in the easter Walgreens commercial??? My kids love that version of it but I can't find it anywhere......:confused:
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    Walgreens Affordable Essentials

    The product(s) they are pushing is 'Affordable Essentials' from Walgreens. In the commercial a house is built from products and the music is pretty funky. Here is the webpage that describes everything except the music: http://www.blind.com/work/commercials/walgreens-house Anyone know the song...
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    Walgreens in-store

    I have heard this song in Walgreens, Kohls, and even the grocery store. Here are the lyrics as I heard them ... sounds like singer along the lines of the girl from Sixpence none the Richer, Lisa Loeb and older from around 1999-2000 like from a teen movie. Lyrics (what I think) .... Say...
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    Walgreens "Town of Perfect"

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syRjyGxxba4 Walgreens "Town of Perfect" I would like to find the background music for the Walgreen's Perfect commercials or a reasonable facsimile thereof. Any help would be appreciated. TIA