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This hasn't been asked yet, but I know it will be. I was wondering about the song too, so here ya go...

This is the commercial with the silver Passat and the crash test dummies. They show all the different things the new Passat can do while people are singing "Thank You Very Much." I looked it up, and the song is aptly titled "Thank You Very Much" and it's from Scrooge: The Musical apparently.
I had no luck at VW's commercials page, so thought I'd try here. I'd like to find out more about the showtune like song in which the chorus seems to be "Thank you very much." This is played during a recent VW Passat commercial in which the little touches - such as a light under the driver's side mirror and hidden compartments are revealed for oversize items or wet umbrellas - are highlighted.

I've done a pretty exhaustive (for me, anyway) Net search, but had no luck at all. I don't know if the "showtune" is a real song from a musical or (off)Broadway production, or if it just sounds like it should be.

Can anyone help please?

Hey i was watching tv and saw a car commercial (cant remeber which one) but i heard a song that had like lyrics "Thank you very much" i think...it was kinda snappy and uplifting...anyone know it? thanks :)
What's that song used in the Volks Wagon commercial? All I hear is that a bunch of people keep saying Thank you very much, or just one person changing the voice...
Pretty cool car, too.