Volvo "Survivors"


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Volvo "Survivors"

Over the last year or so, may have been longer, I saw/heard a Volvo ad touting its safety. Don't recall what the model was, but the soundtrack, a somewhat solemn tune, seemed something like the Vienna Boy's Choir. Any thoughts?
Thanks for the reply. Don't believe it was the BGs. The music was almost classical.
Well, that's what I mean.. they took the words to the song and made it into a very lovely classical sounding piece.
But if you're sure that's not it, maybe someone else knows..
Thanks again. My bad. Do you know where or how I could hear the piece? IOW is the music commercially available? Novice here.
Yeah the Rob Dougan track was in a different ad though it was the piano midsection in another "How safe are our cars" how else can you sell a Volvo? anyway the track was "Clubbed to Death" (Played to death) but the choral music that this thread is about I don't recognise. :(
Yeah well.. it was the OTHER Rob that I was amazed by.. how do you FIND this stuff?
In this particular case from so I can't take much credit for it. I've been looking though Ford ads today about 90 of them "If you haven't looked at Ford lately....Look again" ...... I have and I'm sick to death of them! So looking through some Volvo ones was a welcome break!
Rob -

You the man. Thanks a bunch! That's exactly what I was looking for. The media player identifies it as Volvo-Survivors. Don't know if it was made specifically for Volvo, but I'll see what I can find. Thanks to you too dascoot.
The ad is called "Survivors" and not the song. The ad was made by Euro RSCG MVBMS Partners if that helps at all.