Venus Vibrance razor Britney Spears


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on the venus vibrance commercial, in the very beginning there's a female singing just a few words and that's it for the whole commercial and it sounds like britney spears and sounds like it's saying something like up on mountain top? if anyone knows it, please help! thanks.
well Bananarama sings "Venus".........but is it their version in the ad?! :unsure:
actually Shocking Blue sang it first in 1970, don't know the new version
well thanks for that, now if i can find out who sang it for the commercial.. it really sounds like britney.
Well, I can pretty much guarantee to you that the cover version of "Venus" in the commercial was NOT done by Britney.

Plus, based on their history with every other commercial they have done (they ALL use the song "Venus", by the way) I will bet that it was done for the commercial by a commercial music production company.

I saw the commercial a couple of times and from what I recall, it sounded like something done for the commercial. It did not sound particularly "legit" to me (although, there absolutely are songs done specifically for commercials that do sound "legit", this one in particular to me does not.
Oh it definitely wasn't Britney. But we can see if it's a legit recording artist. Still waiting on Gillette.
well i got a response from gillette and they said that the information is unavailable, so looks like i'll never find out :/ oh well.
Well the Shocking Blue and Bananarama versions are good... and even better than the commercial, so try those out :)