ABC B.S. Promo



Does anyone know what the music is playing in ABC's new promo for bullshit, i mean britney spears special? The music has strings and sounds very mysterious, unlike the subject of the whole spoof. Great music i know ive heard it before!

whew that went way over my head when i sort of figured out that it may actually be one of her songs after i saw a clip of her performing for the actual promo and heard it in the back. Im actually a little curious now of what the songs on the album are now since she worked with some people that i truly admore and love, such as moby. so if the album is any good it'll be because of the innovative talents of artists such as the neptunes, etc. for full album samples when it comes out.
i was going to suggest that it might actually be a britney song in the promo (no clue which one though)... kind of the whole point of the interview, isn't it -- to promote the album! ;)
haha thats the whole point of everything! But i was wrong, the song is actually

"Fallen Angel"- by Waldeck

and i just found this by complete accident..
oh, now that's really sad if the ad is using someone else's music... :lol: