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Aiyee! I have been looking for this for years! Kind of like everyone else on here :)
I can also say this is on the 25th Anniversary Edition DVD of Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Rear Window (not sure which edition).

I once emailed Universal Music and regular Universal and they told me they did not know what it is, which I thought was weird since I gave them a sample, but it's a big company. Maybe I will try sending it again and see what they tell me.

Hope we can figure this out! I want it!

i do not know what the song is called but your gonna get a kick outa this i found the link all u guys need to do is convert it from youtube there are many of those online heres the link

Does anyone know that Universal bit, where they play clips from their movies set to some cool music? It comes on before the main feature on a lot of Universal (I think) DVD's. Just wondering if anyone knew the music... it starts out with percussion as the camera circles the Universal logo, and then an orchestra joins in as they show clips.

Original Song: "1997 Universal Studios Opening Logo"
Original Artist: Jerry Goldsmith

I found it on youtube here: http://youtu.be/9RE9hsnWPbo

Google "Universal DVD" and go from there.