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I would love to find this song. It is the one used in the Universal Commercial. It is all instrumental and it is played to a bunch of clips from Univeral movies, the some of the clips include "The Mummy", "Billy Elliot" and "Josie and the Pussycats". Does anybody know what I am talking about. This "trailer" can be found at the beginning of the "Bring it on" DVD and "The Mummy" one(I believe).

It starts of really simple jsut a perussion type thing. kinda tribal sounding. like....woden pipes being knocked on then suddenly the band starts in. It is all instrumental. It is a commercial that is easily found because universal uses it as a preview for a mess of its movies all the time on Universal DVD's. So if you can get your hands on a Copy of either the Mummy or the Mummy returns you can hear it. (if I remember correctly). there are no words/vocals just music. Please help!!
ARG!!! I can't find the DVD where I saw it, but there was a commercial for some movie company, that had tiny clips from a bunch of their movies, but it had a really cool song playing in the background. It started slow with drums, and then it got fast with music. I believe it was a Universal Commercial, but I could be mistaken, anyone have ANY ideas?!?! Thanks.
The Mummy Returns DVD has the commercial you are talking about, yep i would like to know the name of this tune also :p
YES, that is it!!!!!! Thanks, now I can at least listen to the commercial, but again, does anyone recognize this song? The Mummy Returns has it in the commercial part of it, and it has drums to start off the song. Thanks quagmire.
Does anyone know that Universal bit, where they play clips from their movies set to some cool music? It comes on before the main feature on a lot of Universal (I think) DVD's. Just wondering if anyone knew the music... it starts out with percussion as the camera circles the Universal logo, and then an orchestra joins in as they show clips.
What's the song they use for their mix movie previews?

[For example, you buy a DVD and it'll have a multipreview for many universal movies]

Examples can be found on:

The Mummy
The Mummy Returns
End of Days

I forget what other DVDs I've seen it on :/
Is it the one where it starts with a guy lighting a zippo with the snap of a finger? Or something like that?
It's random on like each dvd

but it starts with beats then goes into the uplift of the song
Originally posted by croftymersey@Jan 27 2006, 01:55 PM
Is it the one where it starts with a guy lighting a zippo with the snap of a finger? Or something like that?
I want this one, too. That's the one I found on "Meet Joe Black" (I had to pull out four Universal movies before I found one with a montage) It opens with the lighting of the Zippo and ends with the closing of the Zippo before going to the Universal screen. The music starts with seemingly random small percussion (cowbell, block, bongo (?)) then goes to a 'jungle-ish' feel when the music starts, which is all synth, but the bass feels 'cello-ish' and the treble leans toward an organ sound. There's a few mellow guitar 'whines' over the top of the synth. Then it goes back to just the percussion before the 'big finish' chord at the end.

(The percussion track reminds me of a particular live recording of "Soolaimon" by Neil Diamond, which, of course, I can't locate.)
I've been looking everywhere for the name of the song used in the universal dvd intros. The video shows different Universal films. The song begins with just bongos, and then leads into an orchestra that plays along with them. I've seen the video on numerous Universal DVD releases. An example of a shortened version of the song can be found on "The Mummy" DVD.
I believe it is Universal Studios that made this "ad" for themselves. I've only seen it on their own DVD realeases. It's usually at the beginning of the DVD, very theatrical intro and usually shows "the best" clips from Universal movie realeases in a music montage. Ideas?
I am looking for this song also. I have heard it on the Universal DVDs and recently on a commercial for A&E
The percussion track reminds me of a particular live recording of "Soolaimon" by Neil Diamond, which, of course, I can't locate. <_< This is the closest one I could find.
Looking for Soolaimon?

"Soolaimon" by Neil Diamond
Hey guys. For several years, I've been trying to figure out what these songs are. On many dvds that are films made by Universal Pictures, they run a commercial that shows a variety of other films (ie The Usual Suspects, The Mummy, etc), and the same goes for MGM and their films (ie Terminator).

The MGM one ends with the scene from Raging Bull where De Niro says "That's entertainment!", and the Universal one I believe ends with Kevin Spacey blowing on his hands (from The Usual Suspects).

Both are different songs, but neither have any lyrics in them, so I've never been able to look up what songs they are. I've heard that the Universal one used to be on some A&E commercials, but I haven't seen them.

Can anybody help me out with these two songs? I'd GREATLY appreciate it :)

Man...why are these songs so elusive? A few years ago, I sent MGM and Universal messages regarding these two songs, and I got some generic email back from MGM and NOTHING back from Universal.
At the beginning of the Universal DVD collection, just before the movie, they play a track along with clips from a bunch of different movies that are on Universal DVD. Does anybody know what I am talking about/ the name of that music? It sounds really cool... starts out with drums, then the music kicks in...

Damn, good luck helping me out with that horrible description, but please, if anybody has any ideas, throw them out there.

Thanks for your help.
You could look up some Jerry Goldsmith music.

He did do the Universal Theme Song so he might of also done the DVD Montage stuff.

I can't find a preview but I do know there is a Jerry Goldsmith CD with a track entitled "Motion Picture Melody" which might be what your looking for.

This thread has been buried, but I'm still looking for it.

Even after all this time, I still haven't come across ANY new information. Does anybody have any answers as to what this song is called?
I have been looking for this song for a very long time. I am not sure if the title to this leads anywhere, I am continuing to look: