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I saw a new "Navy - Accelerate your Life commercial". During the commercial the actor who's name escapes me voices "Right now some poor guy is buying a minivan". The soundrack to the was suprisingly different from their norm. A portion of this music can be heard on their website www.navy.com

Any help would be appreciated.
hey i know exactly what commercial your talkin about and was very curious to know who made the song too. It's a very heavy almost old robzombie like but im not sure, like you said if anyone wants to here a portion of the song go to www.navy.com as soon as the intro loads you will here it start to play sounds like a really good song hope someone can help.
I dont get it. Everyone is saying that the name of the song is Godsmack - Awake but it isnt! Theres not the rock part from the commercail on the song!

I downloaded it and its not. Im taking about the one on www.navy.com, theres a little clip about accelerate your life.

I need a good answer!! Please tell me the song!
I need to know the song where in the navy commercial you hear the rock song, it starts with a LOUD SCREAM... and then the rock starts!

You could hear a portion of it at www.navy.com

Its not GODSMACK - AWAKE! I downloaded it and it doesnt even have that part in the song!

Please go to www.navy.com and see the clip at the beggining. IF YOU KNOW PLEASE REPLY!
I just happened to find the song... its also from GODSMACK... but its not AWAKE

If your looking for the song from the navy website, and the same one from the commercial (accelerate your life), its called GODSMACK - SICK OF LIFE

Depending on which Navy spot you're talking about, the song you may have heard could be either Godsmack's Awake or Sick Of Life. And it's not because all their songs sound the same either. :rolleyes:

The older Navy tv spots used Awake. The Navy web site has a Flash intro that uses Sick Of Live. So I'm guessing the newer tv spots use Sick Of Life. For me, the "classic" Navy ad used Awake -- Accelerate Your Life. Anyway I find the choice of Godsmack really ironic. :blink: Fits the demographic group I guess.
It's the commerial where it talks about that system that can track over one hundred targets on sea, land, and air. It show the screen in the ship showing an aircraft in the air and then an enemy military guy and it zooms in on a fly on his shirt. Anyways, part of the song has a guy screaming, and then it goes into a heavy metal guitar thing. Anyone know what song it is?