Two Brothers

I listened to that soundtrack, Are you sure thats it? It sounds similar but it doesnt sound quite like it. Does anyone else have any idea?
I beleive it is the scene where the people take him up on their shoulders. On the CD I have to check agagin I think Track 5. Or not
Yep, your looking for the Dragonheart theme. Funny b/c my roommate was searching for the same thing
The song at the end of the trailer for two brothers is sung by BBMAK and the song is called Out of my heart. Let me know if thats it.
There's a piece of instrumental music played during the two brothers tv trailer which I unfortunately can't find a link for. It's different music from the one being played in the theatrical trailer. This piece of music was also used on the Shrek DVD for a prewview for Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. Does anybody know what this piece is?
Thanks for the information! I finally found it after 3 years! I went to see David Copperfield perform a few years back, and heard this song during his final illusion. I then heard it on the TB television trailer, and was shocked. However, I didn't find it while listening to soundtrack clips on the internet. So thanks to the aid of a search engine, and thanks to you, I finally found it! So yes, the song is called "To The Stars", and it is track 5 on the Dragonheart soundtrack.

Thanks again!
I am looking for any information regarding a song that is in the middle of Two Brothers trailer. It is an instrumental song that is super familiar, I am sure it is from another major motion picture. I checked out the Dragonheart soundtrack but that isn't it. The song I am looking for comes before the Dragonheart song during the trailer. It is the song that is playing during the bridge explosion in the trailer. Anyway, thanks for your help in advance!
I recently heard it in a spot for Two Brothers(the tiger movie) i also heard it in a one of the bonus special features on the DVD movie Rudy(with sean austin, "sam" from lord of the rings). if any of you have been to a Los Angeles Dodger game you will have heard it there too, its played on a big screen when they show Dodger higlights. i KNOW its been on a bunch of older movies, i just can't remember them, i also KNOW that most everyone has heard it before, i would bet on it. any help, would be appricated greatly!

I'm not sure exactly of what you're looking for, but I've seen a few 'Two Brothers' tv spots and trailers, so maybe I can help.

I know that one of the tv spots has a song called "Out of My Heart (Into Your Head)" by BBMak. Again, not sure if it's what you're looking for- but this one has lyrics and singing to it.

Another one that I heard on a trailer recently is an instrumental piece called "Dragonheart Theme". I'm not sure who composed it, but I know that it is a fairly popular song in movie trailers.

I hope I've helped, sorry if I didn't!

Best Wishes,
Dusk :)
nope, nice try though, not bbmack, i KNOW that there its just an instrumental, no words. and as for the dragonheart one, i have one from the movie and its not it, but you may have a different one.
Two Brothers & Snow White Bluray

Forgive me if this has been answered, I might have found it before, but I can't find the answer via search.

Now, this music is in two things:

(1) Two Brothers Trailer (
It's the up-beat instrumental one in the beginning, and not the BBMak one toward the end (Out of My Head).

(2) On the Pinnochio Blu-ray+DVD, there's a preview for the re-release of Snow White on Blu-ray.

I'd be so grateful if someone knew what it was, it's driving me nuts.

Thanks in advance!
Two Brothers Music

Hello Everyone!

I'm trying to figure out what the song that plays in this trailer for Two Brothers from 00:30 to 00:48 is:

It has been thirteen or fourteen years since I first saw this trailer, and it has taken me this long to even find the trailer because I mis-remembered the movie as being about two lions (it's about tigers- :( ). I would love to hear any leads on what this song is! I swear I've heard this song before, and that it commonly plays in trailers to connote innocence- but I don't know what it is! I'd really appreciate any help in laying this mystery to rest.

Thank you!!