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I am looking for the name and artist of the song played over the television promotion spot for the TNT three night airing of the film Twister. I started seeing this advert within the last week on the TNT network.

The rock song is very familar and I believe came out within the last few years.

Thank you!
Is this the movie Twister with Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt or one that was made just for TNT? I ask because it may have been one that is also on the soundtrack, which I have. Also, can you decribe the song at all or know any of the lyrics? :)
Yes, it is an advert for the 1996 Jan de Bont film with Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt. The song is not on the motion picture soundtrack, nor do I think it came out any time near the release of the film.

It is difficult to describe the song as no lyrics are presented during the spot. It is a male singer, belting out sustained higher notes on top of a rock-style guitar, bass and drum line.

Thank you for your assistance.
The song is called "Open Your Eyes" by Alter Bridge. It probably sounds familiar because it is the same members of Creed, except Scott Stapp was replaced my another vocalist. The song came out earlier this year, I believe. Hope this helps!
Brilliant, thank you very much. It is funny, I went onto Amazon and listened to tracks of Creed's because I thought it sounded similar. I did not know they had a second band!

Thanks again.