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I recently got the "Tupac Resurrection" DVD and there are two Tupac songs featured in the film I can't figure out. If you have the DVD, the first is in chapter 14 at the 1:31:19 mark and the second is also in chapter 14 at the 1:32:22 mark. The first song is from a Tupac music video scene where he's mocking a liquor commercial and the second is right after the interview with Suge Knight where he is having difficulty controlling his dog. Any help would be appreciated!

Edit: One more song question in chapter 15 at 1:34:45. Any hardcore Tupac fans out there that can help me out?
Unfortunately, they weren't instrumentals but they used only the parts of the songs without any lyrics.
At IMDb.com someone had asked about some music from the DVD (not sure if it's the same as what you want) -- thought I'd pass it along so you could check it out:

"My Block (Remix)" from album "Better Dayz (audio sample available here, track 1 disc 2)
"Breathin" from the album "Until the End of Time (audio sample available here, track 7 disc 1)

You might want to check out the movie's Soundtrack as well.
Thanks Michelle, I actually already have the soundtrack as well as the Until The End Of Time album (and many other Tupac albums as well) but none seem to have the songs I'm looking for. I checked the IMDB boards and got one question answered before I posted here on Adtunes, IMDB's boards are a great resource too. Thanks again though!

Edit: I found the second and third songs I was looking for - "When We Ride On Our Enemies" and "Never B Peace," both from the Better Dayz album. I'll post lyrics from the first song as soon as I can, that might help in trying to find out what it is.
Here are the lyrics of the remaining song I am looking for... these are all I could make out from the scene it's featured in: "... finally got his own drink, call it thug passion/introducing a special brew, made for a chosen few/while Snoop Dogg sippin' blue..."

I tried Google but no luck. Any help finding out what song this is would be great!